Salone Satellite 2022

Kitbox Design has presented a new lighting and furniture collection at SaloneSatellite exhibiton in the 60th edition of Salone del Mobile during Milan Design Week 2022. The “Interpretations” collection, designed by Tugce Sonmez Evin who is also founder & creative director of Kitbox Design, is a combination of practical and stunning lighting and seating designs with entertaining references.

The studio takes its production strenght from the handcrafting ateliers that they have been working together for years on decorative objects. With the industrial design background of Tugce, combined with skilled craftsmen of Istanbul, emerged the modern objects with a touch of tradition. The collection is standing on the edge of emotional and contemporary design. Each product is timeless and gives reference to another object to create a recollection of a memory. It consists of 3 objects; Berliner Pouf, Juggler Pendant and Artist Table Lamp.

The first ever seating furniture of Kitbox Studio is the Berliner pouf. It’s named after the famous German pastry Berliner(Krapfen), because of its resemblence and all the sweet stuff visible in the middle. Berliner pouf is designed to store and display magazines and objects in the middle curved storage unit in an appealing and practical way. Wooden container of Berliner is shaped by hand from laminated wood blocks on a turning lathe. On the design stage, it’s considered for lobbies and office areas as well as houses.

Juggler is a modular pendant lamp, originally inspired by a famous circus act; diabolo. Just as the act, Juggler illustrates balance by glass and brass spheres on each end of the arcs. One big glass sphere,light weight; versus one small but heavy, brass counter-balance sphere. And by adding or removing reels or moving the arcs in metal reels, one can create multiple forms within the design. Thus making Juggler a design for every place.

The Artist table lamp is inspired by hanging French berets on a 1920s hat store display and it’s named after the weares of these berets. Artist gives a warm soft light through led lights bouncing back from its shader, and the tilting shader provides a directional lighting for convenience and preference.

The collection, meeting first time with the audience in Milan Design Week, is handcrafted from traditional materials using the oldest techniques of metal & wood working. In an age of industrialization on every stage of our lives, “Interpretations” Collection aims to present that tradition doesn’t always mean old style.

Juggler Pendant Lamp